Inventor's Checklist
Is my idea novel and have I thoroughly researched my idea to make sure  it does not already exist? *

Can it be made with current technology? *

I have read the submission guidelines. *

Name: *

Telephone: *

Age: *

Parent/Guardian Name: *

If you are under 18 years of age, it is required that you complete questions 7 and 8.
(Parents/Guardians would be contacted to confirm consent before your idea is screened and subsequent meetings held.)
Parent/Guardian Telephone: *

Mailing Address: *

Professional background: *

How did you hear about the IAS? *

Title of your idea (max 5 words) : *

Which problem does your idea solve? (max 200 words). How does your idea solve that problem – how does it work? (max 500 words ) *

How does your idea differ from existing products / services / solutions? (please provide links in the description) (max 200 words) *

At what stage is your idea? Simple mock-up /demonstration model / prototype or other forms of visualization? (max 200 words) *

If you filed for IPR (intellectual property rights in the form of either patent, industrial design or trademark) please specify filing date, title and relevant ID-number:

Who is the end user of your idea? (max 100 words) Did you test your model in practice? (max 200 words) *

If the buyer / customer is someone other than the end user, who would be the buyer of your idea?

Where do you imagine your idea should be sold? *

Have you been in contact with relevant customers/users/ buyers/ manufacturers/retailers to confirm if they consider the problem you are addressing equally important?

Dear Inventor,
Below, find a handful of requirements your invention must meet before we can go further with our advisory. Your invention: *

1. Must be your own
You must be the original creator of the idea submission and have the exclusive right to submit it to CARIAS. You agree not to upload images that belong to someone else as a part of your idea.

2. Must be original
The purpose of CARIAS is first and foremost to commercialize ideas. This means we’re looking for new ideas that solves a real problem. We cannot commercialize ideas/inventions that already exist. We therefore cannot offer advice on ideas / inventions that have the following properties:• Virtually the same product is being sold already• Current products solve the problem in a better way• A published patent or concept already exists for the idea• The idea is not different enough to compete in an already saturatedmarket• The idea combines different existing features together without a clearbenefitPlease make sure your idea is one of a kind before submitting. Search the web for existing patents, products, and concepts.

3. Must be complete - no placeholders
While you may edit content after submitting your idea, please don't submit incomplete ideas. Incomplete submissions with minimal images and text or ones that say "images coming soon" (or something similar) are not permitted.

4. Keep it appropriate
We will not handle ideas/inventions related to the below topics. We will decide how a submission fits these standards at our discretion.• Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture• Racism, bullying, or cruelty to animals• Contesting norms, policies, procedures, and decisions made by staff

5. Make it clear and legible
Be precise and take your time. Clear grammar and spelling are essential to our ability to understand your idea. Your submission title, description, problem, and solution text should be clearly understood. Please make sure your submission is in English.
Thank you for your submission!
If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact CARIRI at or 299-0209 ext. 2208-12 or 2662
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Thank you for your interest!
But you will not be able to submit an idea at this time. Please contact CARIRI at or 299-0209 ext. 2208, 2210 or 2662 for assistance.
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